Thursday, May 24, 2007

yay for warm weather

i am so loving this weather!!!! today its hot, but not humid...reminds me of New this weekend is gonna kind of suck, but at least i will get some stuff done on my house....of course i always say that, but it never really happens....this time maybe it will be different....gas prices are so high, im kinda stuck in bangor for the weekend anyway...i hear its gonna the boys have fun on there camping trip with daddy....he better not bring back all there clothes, i would so kick his ass!! ok not really he is bigger then i will be 30....omg, 30, where has teh time twins start more babies...although i did have a dream again the other night that i had a baby girl....i want a lil girl so bad...ah monsters keep me busy for now....i finally get to get out of this damn house and work this summer!!!!well hopefully if i can find someone i trust enough to watch my boys every other kind of funny about that, but they are mine and i can be...i dont just trust anyone even if they are anyway....though i would write a lil...ok, now im done....cya.....Tara

ps...ERIN..HELP..LOL.. how the heck do i put pictures on this damn thing?????

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EStump said...

You seem to have figured out how to get pictures up. :-) I think you'll love the, all-the-kids, in school thing. It helps to have 'some' free time. You can probably even find a p/t job now. I had to wait to really look when C was finally in school.

I am stuck home this weekend as well. We WERE going to do the Ren festival, but w/ gas prices so high, it's not worth the journey. I have strep anyway; I should just sulk and sleep. lol!