Wednesday, June 20, 2007

crazy bitch and more

ok so here is the scoop...the crazy bitch that worked her way into my family, is now working on trying to ruin someone else's relationship...granted, mine was already in trouble, but this one wasnt untill now...i know, you have to blame both people when it comes to cheating, but damned if it isnt this same bitch...why cant she just get a life of her own...and do you know that she only goes after the ones that she knows make enough money to support her kids...thats all she is after...go get your own man, and leave the taken ones alone dammit...have a little more self respect then that...and to the group of friends that are passing you around you are so damn disguisting....are her famale parts made of gold? get a life...

ok, so she has taken up enough of my time....i am missing my boys...the ex has had them since monday night...i have been getting alot done in the house, but ive been so alone...i dont have any gas money to go anywhere, because i have only gotten half the money i normally get this month, so i am stuck so frustrated at this point...i just want to bury my head in a hole....much of the day has been spent in tears...i am feeling like a faliur today...i cant work to support my boys so i am relying on child support alone...there are still almost 3 months till i will be able to get a job, and who the heck is gonna want to hire someone who can only work during the daytime hours...yeah, i might be able to find someone to watch the boys after school....but there are 4 of i would have to find someone with 4 just frustrated today, and needed to made at the world today, and dont know how to deal with this point i just dont know where to turn....i cant even get the ex to file the divorce papers so i can be done with that part...that weighs very heavily on me...and with being on such a limited income i cant afford to file on my would be so much better if i could just get this damn divorce over with...i would feel less weighing on i could move on with life....he has been gone for over a year and a half...its time to end it more paper attachment...i cant handle him having so much authority over my life...and i cant stand the fact that in that way he dictates how i live...i so want to be free of that....i just cant afford it...ok, so i think i have all my frustrations out for the day...we will see, i may post more later...thanks for taking the time to let me vent..

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EStump said...

HUGs! So the other woman is done /w your ex now? Craziness....

It's amazing how one small choice made in a single moment of not being clear will change the course of so many lives.

As for jobs, start searching now. Have you thought about trying to be a Teacher Aide in the elementary schools? Then you'd be right on your boys schedule...or sign up to be a substitute. Also there are jobs and people willing to be just have to look very hard. It took me a good 2 years to find the job I have now. I still have to balance them and my family....but it's workable.

I hope you feel better.