Thursday, June 28, 2007


hey guys, i know i am behind on the updating thing, but here i am...Nick has gone to his buddies house for a while, so i decided to catch up on some things...we are having a great time...He flew in on sunday night,and we had dinner at his parents house...then hung out by the pool for a while...and omg, nick had just put his phone and wallet in his pocket and his brothers decided to throw him in the his new phone is ruined, but it sure was funny...Monday we picked the kids up, and decided it was too hot to do anything but go swimming, so we went back and swam all afternoon, then had dinner there...its so great, i have fun with his family...i was so nervous about the kids being over there, but it was great...his mom is awesome...very funny and easy to get along with...tuesday we just hung out here at home, relaxed a bit, it was nice...wednesday we went back to his parents house to swim...logan mastered the cannon ball...he is an excellent swimmer...dominic was all over the pool with his little arm floaties...michael does ok, he goes under water without plugging his nose...steven was jumping off the diving board with his floaties...its so cute...this weekend is Nick's birthday very nervous about his whole family meeting my, we are having a great time...better go and get dinner done....

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EStump said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend some time. Meeting the entire family was overwhelming for me too..pretty soon it won't be anything to see them all. :-) Do a cannon ball for me!