Monday, June 11, 2007

My Birthday

Well today is my birthday...nothing special really...went to breakfast with my mom and mom got me some yummy truffles, and flowers, and my gma gave me a painting of a castle that she painted...that means alot to grandma does beautiful artwork, and i am always so glad when she gives one of her pieces to me...its so beautiful, that kind of stuff means more to me then anything you could buy...i got the boys back from their dad today about 2pm, then we went to the park in Lawrence to play for a couple of hours...well, they played, mommy sat and read a book with her leg propped up...but they had fun, and it was nice to be outside...its kind of a lonely day, but not a bad one...for some reason i am exhausted today...i took a nap after breakfast today, but it didnt i thought i would write this profound blog on today of all days, but you know what, im just too tired i leg hurts, and i just want to sleep the day away...maybe i will feel like writing something a little deeper off to play with my boys...thanks everyone for all the birthday greetings i have been getting...

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EStump said...

I think turning 30, ended up being the most low key day e-v-e-r. I wrote my huge blog...but other than that, I spent my day sick w/ strep. You spent it doing every day things. Perhaps that is the best way to enter into a new decade...quietly. :-)

Happy birthday my friend!