Saturday, June 16, 2007


well so far i have spent this weekend just plain frustrated...its hot, the kids wont play outside, and im just in a bad ankle hurts still, so my house is starting to look like a tornado came through it...i cant stand it when it gets like me a really pissed off attitude...i cant stand on it for too long still, it shoots pains up my leg....i dont have anyone to help me, my lawn is staring to grow high enough for the city to complain about it, so im gonna have to go out and mow at least the front tonight after it cools off a ankle aches so bad that its giving me a headache, and making my stomach just crabby today, and i know not use to not being able to do things for myself...and if i dont do them, they dont get done...

so denny wants to take the kids starting monday, and keep them all week...the thought of that makes me nervous too...i don tlike the idea of being away from them that often this fact i hate the idea...i know i need a little time to get my house back in order from being hurt, but damn thats just too much time still not use to that idea...anyway, enough of my crabby self

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