Sunday, July 15, 2007


Nick is on his way back to Hawaii right at this moment in fact he is somewhere between michigan and Minesota i think...i said goodbye to him at the airport at about 5:30 this morning and I already miss him so damn much...I only have to say goodbye to him one more time, then he will be home for good...i cant wait for that...I hate having to say goodbye...especially with so far in between seeing each other...We had such a great time over the last 3 weeks...We went swimming a bunch, had some quiet time, spent lots of time with family....It was awesome...On Friday night we went out to Monaco Bay...that place is my new favorite bar! it was the best show...The performers did a very good job...very entertaining...It was actually our first, it just took us a while to have our first date...i had alot of fun, and so did he...
This has been such a long week...First my grandma bein sick, then her death and funeral, then having to say goodbye to my soldier boy for the next 4 months...I am so exhausted i think i could sleep for a couple of days straight...well enough for now, gotta get back to the boys...i will write more later...

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EStump said...

awwwww. That time sped right by.
I am glad he was able to be w/ you this week. Kismet was on your side. *hugs*

Take a long nap!