Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Today started out being really great...Some friends of mine came over and finished putting primer on the walls of the back room...a room that has gone unfinished for 2 years now...It was great to see that get done...I appreciate it so much...I always feel guilty for asking for help, But unfortunately there are just some things i cant do for myself..even though most of the time i hate to admit that...I am a mom, one living on my own, im suppose to be Wonderwoman right??

Anyway, as the day has wore on, i am just irritated now...frustrated, neglected, lonely, sad, and just tired of crap...Most of you know, I live in BFE...any friends that i do have are at least 15 miles away...i have no one close to me, and at times it gets so frustrating...i cant just walk down the block, or drive accross town, to chat with a friend, it takes a quarter tank of gas for most visits, so here i am stuck at home most of the time, while the rest of the people i know get to hang out...I am lonley as hell...Everyone is always so busy...seems too busy for me lately...I am the friend that lives too far away...I need to make some more friends, but seems people in this town arent looking for new friends....the saddest thing is, i have lived in this town since i was 21, and still have no friends that live here...hell, i can count on one hand how many times i have interacted with some of my neighbors...this is a very strange neighborhood...ah well, such is life i just feeling sorry for myself...i am just absolutely overcome with lonliness lately...after a while it just gets to you...

So, the ex was suppose to bring the divorce papers today when he dropped the kids off...but guess what, ha, no papers, because mommy dropped the kids thinking it was done on really getting tired of this being stretched on for so done with it...iwant this shit started...hell, i want this shit over with....stop dicking around and lets get this done...i am so very ready to move on with my life...lets get it man has waited long enough...he shouldnt have to wait anymore..

so the fact that i am in some major pain today dosnt help matters...its laid me out flat a few times today...some moments im ok, others, i can barely walk...arg!

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Erin & Dan said...

have you thought about contacting a lawyer to weigh your options? There are some who will work it into the documents that he'll pay for the divorce & lawyer fees, because you still rely on him for income. It can get things moving quickly...well more quickly than he is moving.

I don't understand this not getting it over w/. Is this a form of control he thinks he ought to still have? Does he not realize him having a girlfriend w/ out your permission and leaving your family kind of ended things? It was his choice to ruin your relationship, not yours. Why the games?

I'd call around...some lawyers will listen to you for free. :-)

Feel better. I know how it feels to have no friends seemingly anywhere close by. All of my very good one's are far away. It took me forever to build up decent friendships here in GA, and then they all moved about 18 months ago. I work w/ people I like, but they all live in towns almost an hour away. LOL! So Yeah...I hear you.

It's hot as hell in GA. The heat index was 105 yesterday w/ 90% humidity.It's awful!!!!!!!!!!!