Friday, August 24, 2007

Army life

Nick subscribed to the Army Times for me, and i really enjoy reading comes weekly and it keeps me updated on army life...Reading this paper can make you laugh and cry all in one paragraph...Being able to understand what he goes through on a daily basis helps me to feel closer to him...I am noticing a pattern in these papers though...Ok so i understand there is no legal document linking him and I together...But i do love him just as much as any wife could love a husband...In these weekly papers the sacrifice of the other loved ones at home is never mentioned...I know that chose this life for myself, and i am not even coming close to asking for pity...But tell me this, does the fact that we arent married make me love him any less? No way...In fact, sometimes i am feeling like my sacrifice is just as great as any wife...Only the wives get to see there soldiers when they come home from work at night, when they come home from deployments...They get to see them so much more then the girlfriends do...I only see mine every six months or so...The Army seems to figure because we are not married that I just am not important, and that our relationship is not worth recognizing...I miss him just as much as a wife would...We dont share bills together, but we share a love that is definately worth recognizing...
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There seems to be no support for a relationship like mine when it comes to the Army...And no, im not talking about financial support, im talking about community support (someone to talk to, someone who knows what i am feeling)...I think that is really important...I often feel like i am alone in this...It is frustrating at times, but so very worth it...Every phone call, every time he steps off that plane into my arms, every email, every smile, reminds me of just why i chose this life...Is it a sacrifice? sometimes it is, sometimes it isnt...Is it worth it? every step of the way...I am proud to be his girl...
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