Thursday, August 30, 2007


I cant stand taking my boys in for there shots...I hate seeing them in so much pain...always makes me cry to see them screaming that way...I have to say though, at least they are quick about it...they get it done fast....Denny went with to help with the boys...i was suprised he did...i use to have to do all of that stuff on my own....and before anyone says oooooo she was with her ex already knows...i told him last night that i needed help with the shots so denny was going to dont try to start trouble were there is none to be started...anyway, my poor boys have really sore legs...i gave them some medicine and they are feeling better...remind me not to wait till the last minute next time...we were in the waiting room for 2 hours....while we were there i seen the ex that i dated just after Denny left....seeing him still makes me all panicked...and michael talked about it all the way home...ah well, one of these days i wont have to live in this area, then i will never have to see him again...I will probably write more later, but for now its time to do the mommy thing....

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