Wednesday, September 19, 2007

i agree with erin, crappy day

I am really glad this day is about to come to and end...It was a long, long day...I spent the majority of my day while the kids where in school at the hospital with my gma...It was good to be there and i felt really useful being able to keep her company...She is scheduled for surgery at 3pm tommorrow...they are doing a total hip replacement...while i was there today they had to move her from side to side to clean off the area they will do surgery tommorrow, they have to do this 4 times before then....she asked me to leave the room becuase she didnt want me to see her in i went down to the vending machines and got a snack...i came back too soon...they were still moving her around, and she was screaming and was a scream i cant get out of my head...almost an animal like scream....she dosnt know i heard her, i pulled myself together before they were is still ringing in my ears though...she was in so much pain...they set her arm and put it in a cast, but they will do surgery on it in a few weeks, after her hips heal up a bit...not sure how long she will be in the hospital...

so the rest of the day went smoothly..ive been a bit of a wreck, but ive managed to get through this was so cute earlier, dominic decided to cleaned michaels bedroom, and was so proud of himself, that he went on to clean the upstairs bedroom, and the front porch...then he folded up the blankets in the living room that go on the little helper for the day...he gets the good boy award for the day...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Stump Home said...


I wanted to say about your other tends to be crappy. I mean there is always something, you know. The good comes from the choices we make and how we choose to deal w/ it. Learning to be a half glass is full kind of person hasn't been easy for me. It's quite a challenge, infact. I will pray for your mom and your grandma and for you.