Tuesday, September 18, 2007

its not raining, its pouring

Today started out really well...cranky kids this morning, but other then that i got alot done...i had just picked up my boys from school and my mom calls me to tell me she is in the emergency room...im so frustrated right now i could scream...So many things keep happening to my family...my grandma fell today again, she is the one that broke her arm, the one that just moved onto a new house with my mom...anyway..she was able to call 911 she had her phone in her pocket...so the ambulance and my mom got there at the same time, they took her to Bronson ER...she broke her OTHER arm in 2 places, and her hip...omg her hip...this is the same grandmother that lost her oldest son and her mom within a month of each other last oct-nov...So as of now her arm is set.....she goes into surgery tommorrow to repair her hip...My cousin is getting married on a couple of days, and she was suppose to go to that...now there is no possible way, it is out of state, so no way...I cancelled my interview, because my mom is still going, and i need to be with my gma...im not worried about that part....i feel like my family is just dropping off the face of the earth lately...since last november, so many things have happened, not only do i have battles in my personal life, but now i am worried about her...I just feel like i am slowly losing my grip on the ability to see a positive in situations...what is positive about this?

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