Monday, September 10, 2007

just stuff

Nothing really exciting has happened the last couple of days...I was pretty mad sunday night...the X didnt bring the boys home till 9 because he had taken them to the fair...Well even when you have days of fun, bedtime is 8PM on a school night...very rarely do I make exceptions...So they got dropped off at 9 with mcdonalds and a coke in there hands...9pm was bad enough, then to top it more, they had junk food for dinner, past there bedtime, with a coke...the worst, they hadnt had a needless to say, the boys went to school today without a shower after a weekend of sweating...i was so mad that he apologized for bringing them home late, and i said yep, and shut the door in his mind you, im not mad that he did anything to me, but these boys dont deserve that...i understand that they were having a good time, and it was nice that he took them, i give him props for that...but that kind of stuff cant get in the way of there learning...michael already has a hard enough time, and the twins are new to the all day school thing...being tired dosnt make it easy on them...its just not good for them...It makes it very hard on the teachers to start out the week with tired kids...and getting them up in the morning after they go to bed with junk in there stomach isnt easy either...i had a bear of a time getting them out of bed...and dominic was so tired that he dint want to eat breakfast...
today was not too bad...i got alot of stuff done and got some bills paid while the kids where in school...then when they came home, we just hung out as a family...the twins had homework for the first time..logan didnt...michael got his first library book of the year...he was excited about it...Logan hasnt had any homework yet...i am hoping it is because he is getting it all done at school, but we will see...if i dont see anything this week, i will call the teacher to find out...just to make sure that he isnt hiding it...well i m off to read for a while...night

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