Wednesday, September 12, 2007


It really dosnt suprise me that we have all of these anorexic women these days...All i have heard on the news and radio this morning is about how fat a celebrity looked on tv last night or something like that...Well i thought she looked beautiful, and it is a shame that a woman that has had 2 kids close together is made fun of for having some extra weight...she was far from overweight...People judge way before they ever know or care to know the circumstances revolving around it...I am overweight...I have a thyroid disease...I walk a mile 3 times a week, dont eat much junk food, take my boys on bikerides and walks...I am still overweight...It is just who i am...I have one person that seems to feel the need to tell me how fat i am...I guess maybe it makes him feel like a bigger man...who knows...I just think it is rediculous that when we are doing what we can to be healthy you have these people trying to put you down all the time...get over yourselves, your not perfect either....

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Stump Home said...

Britney right? While I think she needs some serious help, the idea that people say she is fat, pisses me off. I'd KILL to look like her now. NO wonder we beat ourselves up all the time!