Monday, October 15, 2007


Well most of the weekend after the seizure incident logan was fine...he was moody but fine this morning, but felt ok, so he went to school..I even let him sleep in his own bed...oh but what a night last every little sound i was up out of bed and running up the stairs...

anyway, I sent him to school this morning, and the school called for me to pick him first when i seen the number that was calling i panicked, i was already headed out the door when she told me logan was sick...i picked up the phone, and before she could tellme what was up, i was headed for the van...Now logan has a fever, and stomach ache, no sinus problem, or cold symptoms except for a cough...arg! I want my little man healthy, and at this point its just a wait and see thing...I AM NOT A PATIENT PERSON! DAMMIT!

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Stump Home said...

Is he feeling better?