Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Till we meet again

My Grandpa Carlson passed away at 9:35 last night...I got the call at about 10pm...I have to say this is the roughest one yet...he was such an awesomely grumpy old man...he tried hard to look mean, he he...but it didtn work with me...while i was with denny i didnt get to see him much...Denny's family always came first, today i am angry about that...I am trying not to be, but i am...

My grandpa loved much so that it was almost a childlike fascination with them...I can remember when i was little, he would tell me that no one got to play with his trains except him, then he would sneak me into the shed and let me control one...i felt so special...So granpa, while you waiting at the train depot for the next beautiful engine to pick you up, find comfort in knowing that fascination spilled over into michael...I can guarantee he will carry on with his love of trains...enjoy the ride you old grouch! i love you, and i miss you already.. love your Tara Bear

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Stump Home said...

I am sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing Tara. Please accept our thoughts and prayers. He probably lived a life full of great stories. Pass them on and you will feel peace. <3