Monday, November 19, 2007

ugly day

Last night was rough...I didnt sleep well, and i tossed and turned alot...I even slept with a light on so that i didnt feel so alone...The pillow still smells like him, as do the blankets...i have his coat here, and i cant stop touching it...i feel really silly...but i cant help it...i rolled over this morning to kiss him, and he was gone...arg!

so i went and got my ring sized today..
I dont get it back till the 30th...I cant wait to wear it, its beautiful...i also got my Thanksgiving dinner stuff done so that i can make my first thanksgiving dinner...It will be just me and the boys, i am pretty excited...When denny dropped them off last night they came in expecting to see Nick here still...they had said goodbye to him on Friday, but they forgot...

My mom told me that my granpa is not doing so well...he is in the hospital, and they dont seem to think he is gonna make it...there sure have been alot of deaths in this family in the last year....with having to say good bye to nick and this too i was not doing well last night...

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Stump Home said...

HUGS...I can only imagine what an adjustment you are having to go through right now.

The ring is beautiful. I will also say a prayer for your grandpa. It seems to be one little thing after the other lately w/ everyone I know! blah!