Sunday, December 2, 2007

Erin is a BRAT!!!

-The best thing you cooked last week?
um I was so sick last week, that all i remember cooking was i guess that would be

-If money, time and babysitting were no object, where would you go and with who?
Hawaii, to see my man off to war...I want to be there so bad when he leaves and comes back...and i would go alone, so that i can experience the emotion without someone interfering

-Five things you were doing ten years ago...
was pregnant with michael
working at meijer
living in Denny's moms basement
trying to get a place of my own

-Five things on your to do list today
sleep, clean, eat, take meds(still sick), welcome kids home

-Five favorite snacks
brownies, fruit, veggies and dip, cheese, and ice cream.

-Five bad habits
trusting too much, and believe everything someone tells me

Swearing...i have a potty mouth

yelling...well, not really, but i do it more then i would like

putting off doctors visits

not getting enough sleep

-Five favorite foods

french silk moms homemade stuff

shrimp alfredo

most types of fruits

Most any vegetable...I LOVE fresh veggies from the garden (yep, me too)

-Top Five places I've been
new mexico
(so many more)

-Five favorite memories
the birth of my children
first time i walked into my own house
nick coming off the plane to me for the first time
sex (well, its true)

Next one is to write 6 truths about myself:

1. it takes me a really long time to get mad...but once i am, watch out, my temper comes out to play, and its not nice...

2. I am gullible about very random things. (lol, we agree on this one)

3. i wanted to make music my life...never found a way to do it

4. when i am really pissed off i cry...not to get my way, but because my emotions go crazy...

5. i love sad songs

6. i am nervous about the future and what it has in store for me...

ok, so Erin tagged me...took me a while to get it done, but here it

I am tagging Nick (do it), Wendy, Desi, scott, and Val.....have fun kids!


Stump Home said...

I am a brat...and this was FUN to read. :-)

Stump Home said...

I am a brat...and this was FUN to read. :-)