Monday, December 17, 2007

Holy Winter Man!

wow, its amazing how something you look foreward to so much, can make you swear so much when it finally gets year i look foreward to winter...i love the snow, i think its absolutely beautiful!...its funny though, becuase when i was out shoveling it for the 3rd time in 24 hours, it just didnt see so damn i cant have my cake and eat it too!!! ah well, its pretty in michigan...Last Christmas was so Blah looking...warm, all i had on was a sweater and a skirt last year on Christmas day...Nick didnt get to see any snow..and now that he is in the desert, we got snow before Christmas! Well soldier boy, maybe your first Christmas home we will get snowed in...hehe...that woudl be fun!

The boys had a snow day today...started out great, they were excited...They actually let me sleep in till almost 9! can you believe couldnt! then, they were awesome till lunch, went outside to play for a while...and shortly before dinner became little terrorists....i swear every night its like that....Its like its the witching hour for like jekyl and hyde(i know i prolly just spelled that wrong, but I DONT CARE!) But this time it just didnt get any better after, they went to bed early because there were bein really naughty...well, it was only a half hour early, but

I finally got an address for Nick, so i can send out all these letters ive been writing...i havent really been able to talk to him much, and i am missing him like crazy...Sunday was a rough one for me...i cried alot, but it felt good to finally feel it, ya know? i think part of my problem is i dont really have alot of friends around here....everyone lives so far, so it just seems like im on my own with it...andi feel bad for always complaining to the few that i do talk to...makes me feel anyway...I cant wait for him to get where he is going so that we can talk on instant messenger....where he is at right now, he gets very limited computer time...and its just too damned expensive to talk on the phone...I just with this war was over and he could come home....i miss him...well enough for now, time to go write another letter...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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