Wednesday, January 16, 2008

just updating

Its been a while since i made a real blog post, so i thought i would...its been a long week or so...last weekend was my weekend without the boys...i took those couple of days and just relaxed, and spent some quiet time alone...I needed it more then i thought i did...Friday night i just watched some movies...Saturday after Nick called I went grocery shopping and just walked around really slow enjoying my time...Saturday evening, Cyndi, Jen, and Katie stopped by on there way home from a basketball game...that was a great suprise..I miss seeing them all like i do when Nick is home...Sunday, i just putzed around the house..has some more quiet time...I watched the first 2 episodes of Cashmere Mafia online while i cleaned my room...That show was great! total female

This week has for the most part been uneventful..I did find out i wont get to see Nick for a year from the last time i seen him...I didnt take it well...In fact when he told me about it, i was dizzy to the point of feeling sick to my stomach...I miss him, i worry about him...Its hard to think a whole year will go by without being able to kiss him, or hug him, or feel and hear his heartbeat when i lay my head on his chest...its hard...I know we can make fact i have no doubt in my just hurts to think of all that time without a visit...nothing we can do, i know, but im still getting use to the idea...he sent me some pretty flowers yesterday...was totally unexpected! I love it when he does that...makes me feel so special..they are beautiful..Thank you my Soldier make me feel so alive...

Michael had his first meltdown in probably about a year...he dosnt always deal well with change, and i guess he has had a substitute teacher for the last couple of weeks...they should inform me of these tomorrow im going in to talk to the school, and this sub about what has been going on...

tonight we had fun filling the living room with blankets...Steven was trying to build a fort in the living room, and it wasnt turning out so well, so mommy had to take charge!! I had to show them how to do it totally remember building forts when i was i passed on my knowledge! we had a girls allowed, so even though i built it, i couldnt go in...gotta respect those boy rules! check it out, mommy rocks!
Poor little Logan had a really rough day today! When he got in the van after school he said he had a really hard day today...he sounded so crushed i thought maybe someone had made fun of him or something...but oh no! he preceeded to inform me that his girlfriend had broken up with him! now, keep in mind, my sweet little heartbroken, now single boy, is only 7....yes thats right folks, 7, and he had his heart broken you rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter yet? well wait, im not done after that, Dominic and steven came out, and they got in, and we were on our way to go pick up michael....dominic said at recess today, that his girlfriend told him that she loved him...............k, now you can pick yourself up off the floor....also keep in mind that this child is 5! whew, i was trying so hard not to laugh, becuase the poor little things were serious, and i didnt want them to think i was making fun of them! needless to say, by the time i got to the school i was in tears from trying to hold back my fit of poor little men are already having female problems!

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You have such a beautiful family