Tuesday, February 12, 2008

overwhelmed- a vent

This day has just been too much for one mom to deal with...ihad to do all my grocery shopping today, because wehad been cooped up in this house becuase of snow and sickness for two weeks now...so i was down to nothing in my cupboards...took me forever to shop and get it all put away...on top of it all, logan has a weeks worth of school work to catch up on...and all 4 boys had to make out there valentines day cards...so there was over 80 valentines cards made out tonight...today is just one of those days i feel totally overwhelmed doing this all myself...the kids have been in and out of school for 2 weeks...mostly out of school, how the hell am i suppose to try to hold down a job if im absent for 2 weeks cuz of snow days and sick kids...honestly anyone who expects me to be able to do that is insane, and can kiss my ass...just the way i feel today....

so, on a positive note, i got a phone call while i was shopping telling me i had some flowers waiting for me...so i got to pick those up while i was in south haven....ok, well i was gonna upload somepics of the flowers, but well, the cord for the camera isnt working...so, i give up today...no really, i give up

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