Saturday, April 12, 2008


Too often in life we give away the things the come into our lives because they are imperfect. We think these imperfections will cause so much pain and unhappiness. When in fact, it could be something in our lives that can bring a happiness into our hearts that we never would have known without them.

I watched a movie tonight called "The Memory Keepers Daughter". if you didn't watch it, i suggest you do. In this movie a man gave away his daughter because she was imperfect. To me this movie doesn't just symbolize the giving away of a child. To me it symbolizes mankind striving for perfection. It shows the weakness of humans. The way they purge their lives of the people and things that may remind them that they are in fact, imperfect themselves. It doesn't just include people, but things too.

Can something that is imperfect bring joy to your life? i believe it can. But how will you ever know if your trying so hard to hide its flaws?

I have been one of those people who have been purged from someones life because of my imperfections...But i am sure i can also say i have done the same...

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Stump Home said...

Very interesting thoughts Tara. I have thought a lot about perfection in my life and what it means to me. I mean I hear: Strive for perfection, nearly every week.

Quietly has I have struggled with this...and what it means over the years...I just no longer believe what the world views as perfection. I think we make a perfect journey in our life to discover ourselves....perfection allows all that is off center to come forward and give room for change. I think we make perfect stories of redemption, failure, love and heartbreak. I believe now, that when everything is said and done, we will see the perfection of our life.

OOOOH such a zen moment. ;-p