Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day...Really this year i feel like i could have skipped the day all together...We started the day out with an extra kid...ifinally contacted his mother to come get him...didnt give her a choice, told her where we would be, and that she could meet us there to pick him up...We left to go get breakfast, and the one restaraunt here in town that isnt fast food has shut down, sooo, McDonalds it was...ick! But the weather was nasty, and i didnt feel like leaving town for breakfast...So, after such a yummy breakfast, and getting soaked going from van to building back to van and home again, i had to takea hot shower to warm back

while in the shower, my mom calls me...2 days earlier i had called to try to make plans with her this weekend to celebrate moms day...she said after she talked to my gma she would call me back so we could plan something...i tried to get her to come to our picnic on Saturday, but she said it was the only day she would have off and alone to get things cleaned up before her surgery on the 21st...ok, fine, i understand that...i take advantage of my weekends without the boys to do my heavy cleaning...well, i called her while we were on our picnic to see if she had talked to my gma yet, and she was shopping! shopping is not cleaning....she didnt give me an answer, so back to the phone call while i was in the shower....i had already told the boys they would see her today, but i guess she seen it differently...our plans together went out the window....they went to teh casino instead....when i asked what the plans where, she said, oh, me and gma are going to a correct me if im wrong, but that plan obviously did not include the boys and I....funny how that happens...but, woudnt be the first time....oh, and my boys, totally disappointed...they wanted to see grandma...

so, after that, i put my jammies on, and the boys and i watched Chicken was such a cute gonna have to get that one...then we just hung out for the rest of the day....but they were very crabby...I was glad it was bedtime, and honestly, i think they were too.....i went to bed shortly after they fell asleep, just to get the day over with...

oh, and the money that would have gone to moms day present....i sent a friend flowers instead...Happy Mothers day

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