Thursday, July 3, 2008

beach babes!

yesterday was a well rounded day as far as weather is was nice and sunny in the morning, with really mild temps...then all the sudden around noon it got really hot and humid...then cloudy and really windy...and later, some kick ass storms!

so yeah, about those only lost power once, and it was only for a couple the wind was crazy..Steven and I were in the back room watching the lightning, and next thing i know, it came down right in front of, ive never seen it so close before..scared teh crap out of both of us...and we both darted for the the process i tripped over him, and instead of knocking him down i grabbed him, and i fell, my wrist hurts today, but not too just glad no one was around to see it...we would have been laughed at..

yesterday afternoon we went to the beach in south haven with some of nicks was a great time...really windy was hard to keep our belongings sand was flying everywhere..the boys had fun in the was so cold though, i dont know how they got in there...after a while, they were blue and purple from being so is my little water bug...he would be in there all the time if i let him...he was mad when we were leaving...he wanted to swim more...

Not sure what is going on for me this weekend...Friday night im trying to find fireworks to take the kids to, but im really not sure if we will be able to...the van is running like, i think we will be stuck at home...its ok though, i will try to make the day special for them...Saturday is the fireworks in South Haven...Denny is taking them to that...And im gonna try to get in to see them somehow....but im not even positive about that yet...I get the kids back first thing Sunday morning....well, when they get up i guess...i am just hoping for a nice weekend spent with my boys...

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