Monday, July 21, 2008

Michaels Birthday

Can you believe my boy turned 10 yesterday...omg, double digits now! yep, i cried! whats a mom to miss my boys being babies...and seeing them grow up makes me so emotional...i didnt get to spend alot of time doing things with them when they were babies...i kinda missed out on makes me sad...

Michael had a wonderful day yesterday...he picked out his own cake...i wanted to suprise him, but he had other

we had a wonderful turnout! and i am so glad for that...this is the first birthday in a very long time i was able to throw him a regular birthday party..and honestly, he didnt handle it well before...he would just get so overwhelmed...but he really has learned how to deal with that..i am so totally greatful to everyone that showed mom, aunt renee and uncle Ed...Nicks parents and brother and sister in law...all the was was kinda last minute, and everyone pulled through for me...two wonderful families came together for that day...

So, michael was so excited to get some new stuff! he got
my old game boy
a remote control truck from nicks parents and some clothes!
some cd's and a cool case for them from my mom
a magnetic map from nicks brother and sister in law
and two really huge laminated maps for his walls..from renee and Ed

he loves maps!! the laminated ones are so cool! there is one they put up above his bed that is a U.S. map...and one they put on the wall in his closet of the whole world...he found Iraq on there, and told everyone that is where nick is...they all had fun with the remote control was so cute!

steven and dominic kept getting in this huge gift bag and, they would put it over them, and walk across the floor...totally cute

I dont know what the deal is with my ankle...i sprained it last year, just before my birthday, and ever since then it has been giving me some bad problems...they did the xrays when i sprained it, and said nothing was broken..but im beginning to wonder if they were hurts! sometimes its ok, but others its just really i have gone back to wearing my ankle brace...and let me tell ya, looks adorable with my didnt wear it yesterday though..

im totally exhausted today...this weekend was so friends and their kids came over Friday night, and were here all weekend...we had a good time just hanging out..watching movies, cleaning for the party and letting the kids play...i was glad to have the company...Pnut fixed a few things around here for me..and he helped me get things back the way i want house looks great today...Bambi helped me tackle the back seems to be a catch all for was a great weekend all around...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Michael! Your boys are so adorable! I am glad you had such a great turnout for his Birthday Party! It sounds like everyone had a great time...and Michael shares my love of maps...he's a boy after my own heart! lol :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara!

I so hope that I really didn't offend you with my post! The same things could be said about my little town too. ;)

You're little boy is exactly 1 year and 1 day younger than my daughter. Happy Birthday to Michael!

Is your husband in Iraq? Your song made me teary.