Monday, August 11, 2008

All things icky!

When it comes to being a mom, im not always the most sophisticated female there fact, as i have gotten older, i have become more of a tomboy then i was when i was little....maybe it comes from having all boys..i dont know....but when it comes to bugs, ive never been able to budge on that issue! I DONT LIKE THEM! thats all there is to it..not even the friendliest of bugs is desirable to me...

to get to my point...why is it that boys think its funny to make mom squeal? huh? lol, whats so funny about making me run around the yard saying "get it away from me!"

yeah, those would be my boys chasing me...they have come to the realization that i dont like bugs..and they seem to like the reaction they get when they bring me a hand full of them...the other day, dominic came inside and said "mom come outside and see what we found", there i go, out the door to see what treasures they have found for me...well, they had dug a hole...and what di dthey find....a whole bunch of those roly poly know the ones im talking about? the ones that roll into a ball when you touch them...they thought it would be fun to put one in my hand...and what did i do? did i act like a tough chic, or drop it and squeal like a little guess im not

there entertainment lately is showing me bugs...i guess its my payback for taking away the cable

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