Wednesday, September 10, 2008


you know, there is that one person in this life that is suppose to love you unconditionally, and support your choices, not put you down for them...accept that you are your own person...its that person you are suppose to be able to call when you have something wonderful to share, or when life is throwing you way too many curve balls, and you just need to vent..tonight i called, thinking i would be able to share some good news..and the conversation started out great..i was a bit frustrated cuz the people i was babysitting for couldnt get things straightened out as to who was picking the kids up (they are in the middle of a divorce) she brings up the fact that denny and i cant either, and i shouldnt be talking about others problems...ok, i wasnt bashing them, all i said was we didnt get to eat till late, cuz they couldnt figure out if the kids were having dinner here, or with one of real big deal, just a little frustrating..but she just goes on and on and really starts digging into me..making me feel about an inch tall...comparing me to herself, and someone else...well, they obviously did a better job then i, call me a bad person doing the best i know how to do..dont like it? then help me had help, but im suppose to do it alone? how does that work? thank you very much for making me feel like a total faliure...if thats what you set out to do tonight, you accomplished it...oh, and hanging up on me...real mature..i love you too

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