Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stolen from Erin (my blog buddy!)

I am: just me...i dont know how to be anything else.

I have: a desire to make a great life for my boys, and to love with no regrets
I had no idea: That life would take some of those unexpected turns, and then end up ok anyway...only to make me a stronger me
I Am: reading up more on my spirituality

I Think: that life is full of some really wonderful suprises

I Know:i love my boys..

I Want: My man home :(
I Have: to remember to give time to myself once in a while...
I Dislike: Brussels sprouts

I Miss: so lonely without him here...
I Fear: never figuring out what I am supposed to do on this planet! ( i have to second this one erin)
I Feel:sappy today...

I Smell: v05 shampoo, just got out of the shower.
I Crave: chocolate..all the freakin time....oh, maybe some sex too
I Cry: more then i use to, but thats ok, i never use to cry at i feel comfortable showing emotions
I Usually: sing the kids to sleep

I Search: for knowledge...its a hunger inside of me

I Wonder: what life will be like after my man comes home...

I Regret: making someone else important than my boys for so long
I Love: my boys..the big one too
I Care: what other people think of me way too often
I Always: light my pretty smelling candles..why buy them if you arent gonna use them?
I Worry: about alot of things...
I Am Not: a dweller...i try hard to move ahead
I Remember: way too much sometimes...but there are some things that are just unforgettable..the making of nightmares

I Believe: that family means unconditional love...

I Dance: every day
I Sing: all the time
I Don’t Always: clean my house...the boys are more important

I Argue: with myself all the time....

I Write: almost every is like therapy..

I Win: in life

I Lose: my sanity somedays

I Wish:i could have stayed in touch with old is a little lonely some days
I Listen: to music every day
I Don’t Understand: how you can love someone so much that your own life dosnt matter anymore...but its possible

I Can Usually Be Found: at home...i have no life

I Am Scared: that things wont work out the way we planned...and that the changes in life that are about to come will be too hard

I Need: it be told i love you often...those are the best words in the world

I Forget: i dont know...what was the question again?

I Am: learning math on my own...and just looking at the book makes my palms sweaty

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