Monday, October 27, 2008


is it really that time already...time for snow? I am not ready for it! i went to go pay some bills today, and as soon as i walked out the door it started to snow... i dont mind the snow, its the fact that i have to do the shoveling that comes along with it...the one good thing about this season is it just means its closer to the end of all this stuff going on! so maybe i shouldnt complain too

the boys are excited for it...i just dropped a bunch of money on coats...and still have to get snow pants and boots...i havent figure out yet how im gonna accomplish that, but well, i will..i always do...

i swear the more i clean the dirtier this house is that possible!? maybe my standards of how it should look have just gone up...i dont know...all i know is i get one room done, and all the others go to hell..The boys and i worked hard on their rooms over the weekend, and they are looking pretty good...the kitchen and the living room...not so no tgood at being organized...i wish i were...someone needs to teach me, cuz i obviously didnt inherit that skill...i couldnt keep a house clean to save my life...

i got the main part of Nicks dresser put for the drawers...unfortunately my screwdriver is stripped out, and wont work on it, so i need to get another...i want to get it done so i dont have to think about it

The boys have class parties this week, and a little parade in their costumes...they are definately excited about that...more excited about the candy i

ok, off to get the kitchen started..yay , o joy, so

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