Thursday, October 23, 2008

vroom vroom

my neighbor wanted to know how i got my van to sound like a told him it could be several things...He wanted to know if it had a special exhaust pipe put on it...i told him it was special special, it has a hole in it, and thats prolly why it sounds like that...LMAO....If he thinks its so special he can have the damn been dying for a year anyway...The oil leaks, the radiator leaks, the transmission leaks...oh, and i think there is a leak in the brake lines want it, you can have it...ok, not really, i need it....but you get the idea..silly people

I got pulled over yesterday for the 2nd time in 2 ticket, but it was really kind of funny...when i renewed my plates they gave me a paper one for the window...well, it expired yesterday, and I havent gotten my plates in the mail, so i had to go to the Secratary of state and get it all worked out...they gave me a new one so that i wouldnt get pulled over...hehe, well the cop only seen the expired plate on the back, not paper plate in the window...we had a good laugh about still laughing now...i swear they are just looking for

The boys and i are really enjoying fall....the cooler weather has been fun to play in...But i play hell trying to get michael to keep his shoes and socks on...he is like him mom and grandma, he hates shoes...we played in the leaves the other day when i was was fun, i joined in the leaf fight...when i took my shower later, i had little bits of leaf everywhere...and i mean was fun though...

Xmas is getting far I have 4 things bought....and one freebie on the way...One of my SG girls is sending a digital camera for Logan, cuz his wont hold a charge anymore, and its one with an internal battery that Nick gave him....So one of the girls found her old one, and is letting him have it...He is gonna love it!

I think we are gonna try to go this weekend and get not realy sure yet if we are going to do them this year....and its suppose to rain, so we will see...


Amanda said...

First of all-I love that photo. That's exactly what the fall and Halloween is all about-kids having fun in leaves.

PShaaaa-seriously. Do them. They're only kids for a short time. When they're grown, you can lament not doing pumpkins.

Ok-enough being pushy.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

haha, well they are doing them at their dads too...but im thinking about taking them to a corn maze to make up for it...that way they have something

i so love the fall in this area! love it love