Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans day 2008

Today, take some quiet time and really think hard about why you need to thank a Veteran (past and present)...Whether your for war, or against it, they keep you safe..They give there lives, they give up time with their families, they dont always get to be around to watch their children grow...Remember that alot of you couldnt handle some of the things these men and woman see every day..

Today i challenge you to get involved...Do something for someone you wouldnt normally do..it would be especially great if you could do it for a veteran, but if you cant, anyone will do...Just make a difference the way these men and woman do everyday while they are fighting for us...

To my own personal Soldier boy...I love you...Not long now baby! i will see you soon..

I have a family full of veterans...too many to list this time around..but, maybe i will work on that today, so that i can give them the attention they deserve..Now im going to attempt to get through the day without tears, but really thats a lost cause...I cant help but get tears in my eyes on this day...It means so much to me...even before Nick, it meant so much to me...but now i have more reason...

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