Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new years eve

its new years eve what do you have planned??

I am huh? lol...the kids will have fun...i got them pizza rolls, and im making nachos, and i got pop..and someone is suppose to be bringing other snacks too...i dont figure i will keep them up till midnight...10am at the latest...i honestly cant deal with a bunch of cranky kids new years

but i got me a bottle of wine, and some pecan pie to ring in the new year with! so i will be watching the ball drop on tv, and hopefully talking to my soldier boy on messenger..if all goes as planned and his or my internet works right.. i will be getting a virtual kiss this last year alone...

so after all the kids go to bed, it will be a nice relaxing evening...just me, myself and a glass of wine


Rissab! said...

Hey Tara!!! My New Years Eve was probably about as good as yours :) haha I barely stayed awake till 10, then woke up at 1145 then went back to bed at 1230 :) haha im so lame!

Rissab! said...

Girl I KNOW!! I'm in love with them too! Im on the last book... and i keep putting off reading alot at a time, becuase ITS GONNA END!!! and i dont know what im going to do with myself!! haha you know she wrote that other book... edwards version of twilight... but it leaked out and she stopped writing. well she has the rought copy on her webesite, im planning on reading that after i get done... i read a little bit, and it was good to read his side of the story :)