Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adopt a Soldier

2 Blogs in one day! you should feel so special! but i wanted to bring this to everyones attention!! I have adopted soldiers..ok, well i didnt need to bring attention to that, but maybe you will jump on the bandwagon!

check it out, sign up for it, do your part..we have soldiers over there not getting letters...they need the support...ive adopted 1 to send letters and some care packages to, and i signed up to for a letter writing campaign to just send letters to a different soldier 5 days a only takes 10 minutes of your day...what are you waiting for?

i cant send Nick any more for now, their mail has been shut down, so now i will devote some time to making someones day a little better when they do mail dont have to do as many as me, but do one! get your kids involved...its a good learning experience for them....

good luck, have fun, and make a soldier smile today...please

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jules said...

I love this concept! It's def. a great thing that you're doing!