Thursday, January 15, 2009

oh snow day

sounds like a swear sitting here eating my hot oatmeal warming by body...cuz baby its cold boys have their second snow day this week...i have a feeling we may have one tomorrow too...i wasnt expecting it not prepared...i dont have lunch food ah well...i have a project for them to do...that will keep them busy for a bit...i took some pictures of today, but my batteries died before i could take more...i will be taking more...its beautiful today...i just hope the snow dosnt fall off the trees before i get a chance to take more...

Nicks car makes its internet debut, hehehe, buried...arent you glad you arent the one that has to clean it off soldier boy?
its so pretty the way the snow is covering just about every tree branch....Dominic was the first one up this morning, so we stood onthe front porch wrapped in a blanket just enjoying the show from Mother Earth

and of course, even on a snow day, my boys dont sleep in...i actually didnt either for some reason...i was up before here they are...all snuggled up on the couch, watching some cartoons...cuz thats what snow days are for! till i make them get dressed and help me
thats all for now, i had another picture of the snow, but it turned out kin of dark, so i will take more later after the batteries are done charging...

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