Thursday, January 29, 2009

an update

well, i know my posts lately havent really been full of detail...I am sorry for that...I have had a rough time of things emotionally...I am trying very hard to pull out of it...But without sunshine, and very little interaction with people older then 10, im kind of having a hard time with it...Things are looking up no doubt, but my mind seems to be down and out...its unusual for me to get like this, and i dont like

The boys are doing is going ok...Dominic is starting to have a little bit of a hard time as the work gets harder, but i think he will be ok...Steven is doing well...Logan has stayed the same...his reading has only improved a little...he is good at less worried then teachers..their dad is not great at reading or spelling, but great at math, and he is a smart im not worried...Michael is doing good...his reading is fantastic! Especially for a child with autism...his biggest problem is not doing his homework..but we are working on fixing so proud of all of them...i need to take some pictures of them...i will work on that

Little hannah kitty is getting so big..and she is still a mommma girl...she is in that awkward stage...getting all long and tall, but skinny as is such a big lug...but still loveable...and even as big as he is, he thinks he is still a shoulder dosnt fit up there very well...and he will not let mommy sleep in..even with the boys arent here, he wakes me up between 7 and 8...him and i are gonna have a talk about

Nick is closer to being done with this deployment...i cant give dates, but its getting excited about that...him being away since his midtour leave has left me feeling pretty Blah! I just miss him is all...and its so close to him being home...the waiting is just really rough

he still spoils phone was dying...shutting itself off, and not ringing when people called...i took it in and they said it had water damage, but funny thing...its never been in the water...silly cheap made anyway, he bought me a phone...its cool...its a samsung rant...its got a full a texting fool, so i love having it! the only drawback so far, is the its all good...its purple! my favorite color!!! and it has a built in camera...ilove that...ive only taken a few pictures with it so far..

so, within the next couple of days i will get some updated pics up of everyone..

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Erin S. said...

Just breathe Tara....
It's all anyone expects. Deployment is so sucky!!!