Friday, February 20, 2009

The day

I know that I am very lucky to have been able to hear from my man so often during this deployment. Most of the girls i know dont even get half of what i did. So i am very grateful! Now with that being said


ok ok, i know you would if you could...Nicks homecoming ceremony is tonight, i wish i could be there...he is traveling as we speak..wish it was to michigan...I want to be there for him when he gets off that plane so bad...i dont want him to have to walk away from there alone :( it tears at my heart to think of that...i would love to be able to see his face light up...i know i will see him in just one short month...but its not the same...i want to wrap him in my arms and say we made it, we did it...we beat this deployment...

I am trying very hard to be patient...its not easy...the boys are getting tired of trying to stay busy..not working...every time the phone rings i run for it, every time my text message goes off i run for it...i need to hear his voice...i need to hear him say I love you...So Army, if you want me to keep my sanity give him time to

So this weekend im going to do some early spring cleaning...its very early, but Nick will be home during the time i normally do it, and i want to take that time for us to get use to being together...for more then 2 weeks at a im gonna try to get a bunch of it i have to make room in the house to add another person...i want him to have space, and to feel like its his that is my goal this weekend...we will see how much i actually accomplish...but im gonna try...

ok, im off for now...hopefully my next post will be to say he made it to hawaii, and i heard his voice..

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