Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i woke up

thats what it feels like i guess...i didnt realize how much i wasnt functioning before...and now its like ive come out of my Zombie status...i keep thinking about it..and i think with Nick being deployed i just kinda closed off my brain, and was on autodrive...and now i feel like im accomplishing something..

The weekend was great...The boys had a 4 day weekend from school, and they stayed with denny most of it...i had a quiet weekend except getting to talk to nick...and that was like heaven..

i didnt get much done on the house, but eh, who cares..lol...its not dirty, just needs to be organized..and deep cleaned...i will get to it...im not so worried about it..

Michael is excited..they are having movie night at the school again..so he gets to stay after with no mom or brothers till 6pm...he feels like a big man doing that kind of stuff...and i love that he is showing some independance! its so great for him

all the boys got a hair cut yesterday...i knew Denny was gonna get their hair cut...but all their beautiful hair is gone ! he had it completely buzzed off...omg, im so sad...i wanted to cry when i seen it...they arent in the military dammit! let them keep their beautiful hair...all it needed was to be trimmed...and now its all gone :(


Amanda said...

I think you know, but we haven't been through a deployment yet. Though, when Andrew left to train, he was gone for 11.5 months. During that time I did the same thing. I didn't realize how bad it was until we were back together and I woke up.
I was diagnosed as having depression. I told the doctor she was wrong and that I was just bored and tired because of the situation. It wasn't until I pulled out that I realized how truly unhealthy I was.

Crazy how lifting the fog makes everything clearer. I'm glad you've woken up!

Stump Home said...

awwwwwww...it'll grow back hon!