Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine

I guess you could call Valentines Day this year, bittersweet. I am not sure how else to explain it. It was another one without my man :( The boys and I made a good day of it. In the morning we snuggled on the couch and watched Valentines cartoons. Then for lunch i made them heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. they thought those were pretty cool. After that we went into Kalamazoo and took a present to my mom. I had thought about taking the boys to a movie, but i think with 4 of them, and only one of me, it just would not work out well. More frustration then i could handle for the day. So i decided to get them a movie. Would be cheaper that way anyway. Well we got to the store, and they decided to get grandma cook a present instead of picking out a movie! I thought that was so sweet of them. They picked out a pink teddy bear, and a pink heart shaped candle. They will match her room when she is done with it. After that the boys took me to dinner. Well kind of. They looked at me funny when we were done eating and i told them they better get to work and pay for dinner. Ha ha. So mommy paid. here is a picture of the sandwiches i made them:

So I talked to Nick earlier in the morning. I wasnt sure he would be able to call. it was so nice that he was able to. I would have been ok with it, but it would have sucked. he was disappointed that his Valentines gift hadnt gotten here yet. it came shortly after his call. That was the last time i had talked to him. I am not sure where he is right now. I got to turn his cell phone back on last Friday. i hope the next time he calls it shows up as his name. It will mean he is in the states, safe. As soon as he calls me i know this deployment is OVER. So i am waiting as patiently as i can. trying to pass the time keeping busy. its hard to do. But very soon the deployment will be behind us, and we can get on with the excitement of building our lives together. What a great thing that will be. im sure you guys are getting tired of hearing about it..haha, but it is what has consumed my life for the last 14 months, and i am ready to let that part go. Is it exciting being a Soldiers girl? yes, and im so proud of it. but it would be better if i could be a soldiers girl, and be near him! But soon i will just be a civilian boys girl. i can handle that too!

He spoiled me for Valentines day. He does that alot. Most of the time i really dont know how to handle it. it is something that has taken some getting use to. Here is my present he got me:
yes, that is a huge teddy bear and lots and lots of chocolate! and 12 beatiful roses, and the sweetest note ever. Seriously, can it get any better then that? I miss him so much :(

So i am a ball of anxiety the last couple of days. I am trying very hard not to think of him traveling, but its not working. I need something to keep my mind occupied. I am sure the boys are getting annoyed with me as well.

well im off to bed, i hope the next post i make is about him being in the states!

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Dez said...

We are so happy for you. It is going to be wonderful for you all to start your family together without thinking of when he will have to leave again.