Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Relief flows in to me as i am able to breath deep...Finally..There is so much comfort in knowing he is on U.S. soil...I knew it was hard having him gone, but untill he was "home" i didnt know how much it affected me...My soldier is home..

i know i keep repeating myself with all this, but i am just so relieved...and i just keep thinking about all the ways i am relieved, andi have to write it..i have to get it bare with me...i promise the subject will change

Michael has a class field trip today...he was so excited this morning...he gets to see the Kwings play...he went last year too, and he loved it...i wish i could have sent a camera with him, but i dont think he is responsible enough for that yet...

Logan has been doing really well with having to do his homework every night..Steven is a whiz at remembering his sight words...and dominic is great with numbers! im so excited for them..

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