Sunday, February 1, 2009

a vacation from the deep freeze

its been so nice the last 2 days! we had sunshine, and it got above freezing....its been wonderful...the boys got to go out and play, and i got to see the sun!

and the best part...MY PIPES ARE THAWED!!!!!!!!!!! i was finally able to do some laundry! woot! i know, exciting right?

so i was watching the superbowl, but i changed the channel...i got bored with it i guess...i like watching sports, but im more for watching it in person...and the kids were getting bored with it fast

Im not feeling so hot stomach hurts...and im extremely tired....its only 9 and i feel like i could go to bed....

i had the house looking nice, and somehow the last 2 days its gotten out of hand again...i dont think i will ever win that battle...

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