Thursday, March 12, 2009

not too much to say..

thats about right...i dont have alot of new things to talk about i dont think...haha, and watch this one be a long one..

dominic has been sick the last 3-4 days...but was able to go back to started as a fever and nothing else, and now he is coughing and sneezing...gotta love the constantly changing weather this time of year...the boys always get sick around this time...this time it dosnt seem to be lasting long...

Stevens stitches are out, and you can barely see where it was...The doctor said the more it heals the more noticeable the scar will be..but that if i keep sunscreen on it in the summer it will not show as much when he is older...but it is healing well...thank goodness it wasnt worse..

Logan has been a little smarta$$ lately...I am not sure whats going on with that...i think its just an age thing...but i know i didnt raise him to be like that, so he is getting ready to be grounded alot if he dosnt stop...

Michael has been keeping to himself alot lately...i think he is just tired of being couped up in the house with the other boys..he really wishes he had a room of his own...and i wish he did too...he needs it, so he can have alone helps him alot...

The boys and I are getting very excited...8 days till Nick leaves to come home! 9 till he gets here...I need to see him so that the deployment is over, i just need to wrap my arms around him...I didnt get to see him when he got back, and now i just need to...The boys are counting down with far we dont have alot planned while he is here...just family and time together...sounds like a great plan to me..

I am trying very hard to get things organized...part of the reason i havent really posted much lately...I am falling behind on reading friends blogs also...i will catch up soon hopefully...organizing this house feels like a losing battle...i was never good at it, and im not different now...i try very hard, but it just dosnt work for me...i start and i get disappointed...and discouraged..

ok, well as i was typing this the school called for me to go pick up, he is sick again :( or still i guess...that means i will take him to the doctor after i pick the other boys up from school..whatever it is that he has sure is hanging on...ggrrrr!

I dont have the same phone number i had before...i got tired of being cussed out over text messaging, and people thinking they could treat me like, im taking a stand...really, those who think they can take advantage of my niceness...back tired of not doing it anymore...your problems are yours, not taking care of my you take care of something to say to me, well, come on over...i have a house phone, they can use that from now on...but i wont be bitched out over text messaging ever again...enough said

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