Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stevens ER visit

well today has been a bit of a ride...poor steven! So the boys went outside to play earlier...and then asked if they could go a couple of houses down to their friends big deal, they arent allowed to go inside, and i can see them if i walk into the back yard and look over there...well, today was a bit unlucky i guess... none of my boys have ever had stitches or anything like it...Steven was the first...they were over there rough housing and steven ran head first into the gate to the fence..

the neighbor boy came running over and said Steven got hurt and was bleeding from his i ran out the doorn(in just jeans and a tank, i was cleaning)..and sure enough, the whole side of his face was just covered in about total panic...omg...i grabbed him up and ran into the house...after getting him cleaned up i was unsure if i needed to take him in,so i did anyway..better safe then sorry..

after checking him out, the decided to do some stitches...he was so brave...he didnt cry when they gave him the numbing shot, or the can barely tell they are there, they kind of did it behind the cut..he has to go back in 6-7 days to have them taken out...So here is my little BRAVE little man...

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