Thursday, April 23, 2009

glad its almost bedtime

Last night i was awake until about 3 am. So i got about 3.5 hours of sleep, if even that. I woke before the alarm went off. I should have gone to bed early tonight, i had every intention of doing that. I don't know why, but my mind just wouldn't shut down last night.

So, im glad today is done with. First because its another day closer to Nick coming home, second because it was just a crappy day. Well the weather was nice, but other then that, i just couldn't function. I have had pretty limited communication with Nick. He has been really busy, and by the time he gets off work, its after 11pm here.

I missed him so much today. There are those days where i just dont even want to function. I dont like him being so far from me. There is something missing when he is not near. I feel so weak complianing about 3 weeks of him being gone. Especially with what we already have behind us. We have been apart so much, now i just want him home. I know its soon, but today was just emotional for me. I am trying to stay strong, but at this point I'm not sure i have that left in me.

Tonight I took the kids out to eat, i just didnt have the energy to cook. I started to get stuff around to make dinner, and i was instantly tired. When we came home from dinner, the bird cage was tipped over, and there was no bird. Finally she came out of hiding, and after getting her cage put back together, she eventually flew back into it. took a while though. Then i walked into the kitchen to put some fresh water in her dish, and there were little tiny black ants all over one of the windows. Really if its not one thing its another in this house.

so, after all that, im sitting my happy ass on the couch feeling sorry for myself...its ok though, i am allowed to do it once in a

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