Sunday, May 3, 2009

10 days

This weekend went by pretty fast..Friday i had the kids even though it wasn't my weekend. Their dad came to pick them up on Saturday afternoon. After they left i went into Kalamazoo and put in some more applications, then met up with my mom for dinner, and talked wedding. It was nice to get out of the house. I haven't really done that since Nick left.

Today i am doing absolutely nothing. I should be doing something, but i haven't gotten any sleep this weekend, and i am exhausted. Friday night i couldn't sleep, and last night I talked to Nick all night long. It was good to finally get some phone time with him. he has been so busy, and we have barely had time to catch up. So being tired is ok, cuz i got time with him.

10 more days till he comes home. These last couple weeks have just gone way too slow. I don't want him to be gone anymore. I need him here with me. It is time for us.

so i don't have anything really intelligent to say, i guess i will leave it at

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Eric said...

I remember when I was getting out. I was crazy busy and the end never seemed like it was gonna come. Hang in there, It'll come :) .