Friday, May 15, 2009

delay delay delay

All week long we have been thinking Nick was gonna be here, and every time we got our hopes up, he was delayed again..because of one paper that someone couldn't get right....Am i whining? yeah, i am...ive been doing it all week...what is suppose to be a really exciting time is turning out to be very stressful..i know im not making it any better for him by being irritated...but im not irritated with him, im irritated with the situation..

so as of now, he is scheduled to be home Thursday, we will is my hope that he will..he has a family reunion, and its Memorial day weekend...he just needs to be here..The boys need him home as much as i do...they have been crazy emotional cuz nicks homecoming has come and gone, and no nick...

really have no updates besides that...its been a pretty boring

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