Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feels like its been forever..

My blog is majorly slacking! ive been trying to find the time to get on here and update, but i always seem to forget...

things have been going ok...It is so great having Nick home for good...i think it is finally sinking in that he dosnt have to leave again...

The kids are at their dads this week...we are doing the every other week thing...i hate it...i dont like them being gone that much..but it looks like i have no choice...im sure its good for me to have a break...but most of the time it dosnt feel good for me at all! i just miss them..

I took logan to the dentist last week..he ended up with 2 fillings, and has to go back next week to get one pulled..i feel bad for him, i had such great teeth when i was little, and his are sooo bad..

The boys are loving summer...they love that they dont have to be on so much of a schedule, and i have been more flexible about bed times and stuff...im learning to let go a little more..

Nick got me a camera for my bday! its so awesome! ive probably taken about 300-400 pictures since June 10th..lol...im learning how to use it..its been fun...there are alot of picture up on myspace...i will post some here when i get a chance...

Nick and i are doing well...we havent done much about the wedding planning, but we are getting to that...we have looked into some venues, but it really hasnt gone much further then that..we have to make some money first..

nick is looking into attending ITT Tech....i think its a good idea for him..ive been looking for a job, but now that summer is here i have slacked on it a bit..i dont have a vehicle anyway..all we have is Nicks car...I am still hoping to get a job at the school in the fall..

well im off to get some things done, i know i had more to say, but as soon as i sat down here to type it, i forgot!

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