Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just blogging

Nick and I are both sick. The kids are passing it around too. I didnt get hardly any sleep last night. dominic kept waking up crying because he just didnt feel good. But when he woke up this morning, he was fine. He went to school. Lots of people are getting sick right now. I hope it dosnt last too long. I dont want to be sick most of the winter.

The fall season has definitely gotten here. It is chilly. I dont mind it except the cold air is making me cough. I love this time of year. I cant wait to see the leaves change. And i am excited to use my camera to catch the colors this year!!! im having way too much fun with it already!

I am also excited because we are getting closer to the holidays. this will be the first time Nick and I get to spend them all together. That is such a wonderful feeling. No Hawaii, no Iraq! Just us as a family. It will make these upcoming holidays even better. No goodbyes so close to Christmas!

Logan is suppose to be at football practice tonight. But with me being sick, and some of the others being sick, i just cant walk there to take him. I had borrowed a van, but the battery keeps dying, so right now I am stuck without a vehicle again. I feel bad for him having to miss practice. I feel like I am letting him down.

So there is a job opening at Subway. I want to apply, but i keep telling myself not to. I want a job, and im willing to take just about anything. Bt im not sure i could do that one. its not that i dont think i would like it. But i just dont know. i guess maybe pride is stopping me a little. I am still putting in 2-4 resumes a day. I have gotten alot of denials. It is very frustrating. i know the right one has to come along soon. It just has to.

So this last week was pretty scary. My grandma went in on Wednesday to have her surgery for her cancer. She came through it ok, or so we thought. About 1am Wednesday morning her bloodpressure started to drop, and they couldnt keep it up. She ended up having 2 blood transfusions, and that didnt help. they transfered her to the ICU for a couple of days. Finally it started to steady. i was pretty scared for a couple of days. I dont know how i would handle her passing. She has always been my 2nd parent. It wouldnt be like losing a grandparent, it would be more like losing a dad or something. she is home now, and healing. I just hope it stays that way.

Nick has his first test tonight at ITT Tech. I think he will do great on it. I am so proud of him.

I have all the boys Halloween costumes...we took them to pick them out on Saturday. It is all they can talk about are excited already. We are having a Halloween party this year. Its a costume party. it will be fun

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Erin S. said...

Get better soon! I have the sniffles....I just hope they stay that way. I can see the leaves changing here....all the color peeking through. It makes me happy. However nothing beats a fall in Michigan, unless you're in Vermont! ;-p (I think they're about equal as far as beauty.)

You know I felt that way when I worked for the bakery. It wasn't a fancy place at all, and it was run by a woman who just liked to bake...all though she HIRED some interesting folks to work for her. I kept thinking I could do better...but it wasn't until I took the step, let go of pride...took the job and got working again that I realized how much I enjoy working...even if it's a crappy job. Crappy job led to a better job and better job led to me finally being able to go back to college. I am just saying some choices may seem like, UGH!!!! but something might be underneath waiting to be found.

That's all the wisdom you're getting from me today. ;-p

p.s. I am IN LOVE w/ Eastwick.....I think I like it as much as I love House.