Monday, September 14, 2009

wedding blog 9/14/09

This is where we are getting married...kindelberger park...i cant wait, im so excited!!!! we came upon it by chance! its lets hope for perfect weather!
we changed the date to June 26th, because the 19th just wasnt working out for us...but its ok...we also picked out my ring and put it on not posting it will just have to wait till the wedding :)

we rented out the moose lodge for the reception...its a big place, and it will give us space to move has a great dancefloor, and a space for the DJ...we still havent picked out a dj, or photographer..its all coming together, and it is so wonderful...i get to marry my best friend..

i have my next fitting in November....


Rebecca Lauren said...

it looks like a beautiful place to have a wedding! i'm so excited for you!

Stump Home said...

Oh it looks like a beautiful place for a wedding day! :)