Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

this week is kind of creeping by. im trying to stay busy, but for some reason im still exhausted from being sick. I guess its just hanging on :(

Nick started his new job Monday. he seems to like it ok. its tiring him pretty bad. he isnt use to being on a schedule. i wake he does, so im waking about an hour earlier then im use to also. no biggie really. this morning i got up and read for a bit before i woke the kids. it felt nice to do that. it is really strange not having him here during the day. Mondays and tuesdays arent so bad. but the rest of the week he is gone from 7am, till 11pm or so..this will be the first day like that for us. not too bad i dont think, but strange, and different..

The boys had no school last Friday because of the flu going around. they were well, so they were glad to have a 3 day weekend. Saturday we woke up to Nick having a flat tire. his brother Al came to help fix it. The lugnuts stripped so that he couldnt get them off without power tools..Then we went to Barns and nobles for a bit, and sams club, then pizza was a good day.

sunday we went to nicks parents house for our weekly sunday dinner. Its always nice being there. i wish my mom and i would get together more often. It is frustrating that she dosnt seem to have the time.

I had an interview as a leasing agent on monday. im not sure how it went. the lady was really nice. and she seemed to like me, but im not sure if she liked my resume, or my answers. she talked and asked alot of questions, then said she had a few more interviews to do, then she would start the process of picking. I hope i hear back from sounds perfect. part time, and the kids would only need a babysitter for a couple hours a week.

the sun is trying to shine today. i am loving it. its about time. there has been alot of rain, which i dont mind, but i was ready for sun too. im gonna take advantage of it, and do some walking.

Saturday is our halloween party! im pretty excited about it. ive never had a custume party before, even when i was younger i dont remember having one. the kids will be with their dad this weekend. im not sure if i get to go trick or treating with them, or if he is taking them out of town to do it. either way, i know they will have fun.

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Rebecca Lauren said...

halloween party sounds like fun! i can't wait to do one next year!