Monday, November 30, 2009

Been a while

I havent updated in a bit. Things have been so busy!

I love love love my new job! It is amazing! I just know im gonna love it. I get to dress up, and I have a reason to look nice when I go in. I havent heard any critism yet, so I must be doing ok with it. I am learning alot. We are still waiting for the new store to open, so i have been working at the westnedge store for now. Meaning less hours. I am a little concerned with the hours they want me to work though. I thought i was being hired to work more during the day, and the owner is now saying I will be working nights and weekends. Thats ok for now, but I have a family, and Nick is in school at night. I cant do nights and weekends forever. I am greatful for this job, its just gonna be hard not seeing the kids.

Thanksgiving was good. We were so busy the day before, and all holiday weekend. i baked some last Wednesday, and then we went to Nicks parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. it was a nice dinner. Afterwards I took the boys to denny so he could have some time with them too. we went shopping and got a huge chunk of our shopping done. we caught some sales, but most stuff that we wanted for the boys wasnt on sale. go worked Saturday, then Nick met me in Kalamazoo and we just hung out, and visited.

This week is not so busy, but still a bit more then I am use to. The boys have boyscouts tonight, and we are decorating the tree after nick gets home. Tomorrow night i have to work, so Nick will be picking them up on his way home from work, cuz i dont get out till 8pm. I work Saturday and Sunday also as far as I know. I should be in the new store, but not sure yet. Depends on if they get all their stuff in they need to open.

I am really nervous that things with the kids and my job wont work. this is a job i really like, and sometimes it seems very unreal. I feel like im waiting for it to end.

its cold here. I thought i was ready for it, but im not. The kids are hoping to see snow soon. I just cant seem to stay warm at this point. I am always cold!

Nick had a 4 day weekend off of work and school..It was nice to spend the extra time with him. Now with me having a job that has me working weekends thats even more time for us not to spend are definitely gonna have to make the time we do have together mean alot..

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