Thursday, November 12, 2009

random stuff

Lots of things going on lately...

Saturday night I went to the Celtic woman concert with Nicks mom and dad...omg, it was so freaking AMAZING!!!!!! I have never seen a concert that was so good. So full of energy, and such beautiful voices! The woman that plays the violin was so energetic..she ran and jumped around the stage while playing the whole time...I was in Awe for sure! check them out!

nick took the boys bowling while i was at the concert. they had a great time. they are still talking about it today..I cant wait till i can go and watch them bowl. i miss them being on a league. i enjoyed watching them.

Nick went to a Metallica concert Monday night. He yelled and screamed so much that he lost his voice. tuesday it was just gone, a little scratchy, then yesterday it really hurt him..he was miserable. He missed class last night :( Today seemed a bit better, but he still mostly has to whisper. its a little funny, but i feel bad that it hurts him. He had a good time though. i would like to have gone, but i dont think the loud stuff would agree with me for too long. it never has . not even when i was younger.

This week has gone by pretty fast. the boys are loving boy scouts. Michael didnt join, but the others are really enjoying it. they get excited every Monday, and i think its so good for them to be in it. i remember being in girl scouts, i loved it so much. I am hoping they can do the camping this summer. we will see.

dominic has been sick all week long. It started monday night with a cough. it seemed like just a cold because there was no fever, so he stayed home tuesday and wednesday. then today i was gonna send him to school, and he started crying and saying his chest hurt. i called to doctor, and they got him in this morning. He has bronchitis, and really bad winter allergies. so right now he is on 3 different for allergies that he will be taking for the next 4 months. i have to keep the house free of fur and dust..which will be difficult with the animals, but its for the

this Saturday we are gonna have a date night. Dinner at outback (one of my favorite places). Not sure if we are doing anything else. they have the Holiday parade in kalamazoo, but i dont know what time that is set for. if its early im not sure if i want to get up for then sunday dinner with Nicks family. always love that!

On the 21st i have my first appointment for wedding dress alterations. i am pretty excited about it. it brings us one step closer to the wedding. the closer it gets, the more i cant wait for it! i get to marry my best friend. a man who loves me for who i already am, not who he thinks he can make me into.

the twins are learning how to read...and they are picking up on it so fast..i am so very proud of them. steven can sound things out really well, and dominic is doing small words. reading has been such a struggle for logan, and michael just gets bored with it. steven thinks its pretty cool that all those letters mean he reads signs, and all that stuff when we are out and about!


Erin Leigh said...

I want to see Celtic Woman in concert.../jealous. I watch the PBS video I have every once in a while.

Beverly said...

Hey Tara, I love reading about people who actually enjoy and live every moment of life ~ bravo to you and all your boys (including Nick). It's always a ray of sunshine stopping by your blog!